Have you walked in for your routine dental check up and found that since the last visit you had a drastic change in your oral health? 

Were you the person that always went to every dental check up and rarely had cavities or dental gum issues? But now you have been told by your dentist that you have multiple teeth with dental decay or your gums have become very unhealthy. 

At this moment your dentist should immediately start looking for indications of changes in your diet, health or medications.  

There is a growing number of patients having an extreme change in dental health after an adjustment in their medication routine. Have you always been a healthy dental patient and one day you or your dentist became concerned with an extreme change in your oral health. Upon examination, did your dentist find that you indeed had multiple areas of tooth decay primarily present along the gum line of teeth. At this moment, you should review all alterations in diet, health and medications. 
If your family member or you are being treated for any or some of the following medical conditions then you may need to review what side effects you may be having:

Acne                         Attention Deficit Disorder        Gerd/ Heartburn/ Acid reflux     Mental Health            Cancer Treatments                  Migraine
Addiction                   Heart Disease                         High Blood Pressure
Allergy                       Cold/ Cough                            Muscle Relaxant               
High Cholesterol         Crohn's Disease                      Alzeimer's                               Pain                          Anti-psychotics                       Diuretic/ Water retention           HIV                            Parkinson's Syndrome            Arthritis                       Epilepsy                     Hormone Therapy                   Sleep Disorders
Asthma                      Glaucoma                               Kidney Disease                       Thyriod   

This is just some and not all of the medical conditions. Please see a medical or dental profession and review your health history and medications to ensure your overall physical and dental health. 

If you are prescribed medications for any of the medical conditions above you may find yourself experiencing some of the following side effects:

Dry Mouth
Fungal Infection
Gum Inflammation (gingival overgrowth)
Inflammation of lining inside the mouth
Mouth Sores
Change in Taste, Metallic Taste
Tooth Decay
Tooth Discoloration

There are several solutions to any of these side effects to help protect your teeth, gums, and mouth from infection of harm.  With the right oral health routine you can possibly maintain a healthy mouth while taking the recommended medications prescribed by your medical doctor. Dr. Gonzalez is very experienced with all of these side effects. 

Reserve an appointment today at Cy-Fair Family Dental if you feel like your dental health is being compromised by side effects of medications you are taking. 

Dental X-rays are generally a necessary prescribed procedure by your dentist yearly.

Have you ever questioned, why this is necessary yearly because of the exposure to radiation? or...

Have you ever refused dental x-rays because you were concerned about the radiation exposure?

Today, most dental offices have Digital Dental X-rays. Digital Dental X-rays benefit patients because the exposure to radiation has decreased greatly, preventing a large amount of exposure.

When going in for a dental check up it is important to remember that your dentist need X-rays to see many diseases of the mouth that cannot bee seen during your visual examination. Decay in between your teeth & below fillings, damage to the bone from tooth infections, bone loss due to periodontal disease, developmental defects, oral tumors, effects of trauma or force, and unerupted teeth are all seen with dental x-rays. If you refuse this process you are at risk to not identify oral diseases at a early stage which can save you time and money.

According to the American Dental Association (1), the radiation you receive is minimal. You could expect 0.038 (msv) from Bitewing X-rays, and 0.150 (msv) from a full mouth X-ray. When reviewing the numbers below, you can compare digital dental x-rays to other types of X-rays:

Lower Gastrointestinal Tract - 4.060
Chest x-ray - .080
Radiation from space in Denver Co. - 0.510 (per year)
Avg. natural radiation in the US (per year) - 3.00

WOW! The amount of radiation exposure you receive from dental x-rays is minimal compared to the MAJOR Dental problems you can encounter if your dentist cannot identify a disease in your mouth. Those numbers are measured from traditional dental x-rays. Digital Dental X-rays can be up to 80% less than even the traditional dental x-ray. Other reasons why our dentists @ Cy-Fair Family Dental use Digital Dental X-rays are:

  • Your Dentist can view your x-rays immediately.
  • Your dentist can enlarge or Zoom into your x-ray. Something this is actually measured in millimeters is exposed in inches. 
  • Digital Dental X-rays can be corrected if needed with out taking an additional x-ray.
  • Sharing your x-ray is simplified by transmitting them electronically! Your dental Insurance claim will be paid faster.
  • Digital Dental X-rays are Environmentally friendly!!! Go Green!
  • An estimated 80% less radiation exposure is possible.

Next time you go to the dentist consider the HUGE Dental problems you could encounter for such a small amount of radiation. Not only do digital dental x-rays produce less radiation, dental professionals have created tools and techniques that also eliminate radiation exposure.

Reserve an appointment today at Cy-Fair Family Dental if you would like to have the option of utilizing Digital Dental X-rays at your next routine dental check up!

(1) http://www.ada.org/2760.aspx